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NOTE: I have no voice. Only watch if you're willing to read texts. From the creators of Corruption of Champions. I'm joined once more by our friends at Untitled Studios Description. Uveto VII is a moon orbiting the furthest gas giant in the Siretta system. While the system was opened in the 10th planet rush and. Sera may continue to randomly visit the nursery at the scheduled hours while she has young children 5 years old or younger. Above them, a row of gleaming, metal piercings line her brow. Continuing to ask Sera to breed will allow Steele to beg her for it. When their roles are reversed, Sera proves to be a willing, but troublesome and unruly submissive, one that enjoys testing the boundaries and facing the consequences of her disobedience just as much as eventually yielding to another person. Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in. Silk fishnets and garters join her technological-looking frilly corset to her shapely legs. trials in tainted space While she is a vendor at Dark Chrysalis, buying an item from her will open up the option to ask about other specialized TFs? While playing with toddlers, Sera will prove mature aunt be popular with the auntporn but rather reckless and irresponsible, to Steele's dismay and Briget's consternation. Her skin is a bright, girly pink, accentuating her femininity. Junk In The Trunk. She fondly recalls being the most popular girl in the school for it, culo grade among girls who publicly denounced her. I finished writing my Knotty Nurse Halloween item. Both times, however, she needs convincing. Zaalt is equipped with an energy blade unless disarmed and wears an armored jacket and decent shield. Note that not every single race encountered is listed. When Captain Steele first meets her, she is throwing a tirade over her competitor Jade's success with a previous sale. Upon signing the deal, Steele gets to select their preference for Sera's skin color skin color choosing between pink and her normal purplewhether or not she keeps her penis unavailable to remove for Steeles without a bigtittyand an option to restore her hymen. When Steele suspects something shady might be going on, Steele can choose to Interrupt the deal, or ignore it and Play It Cool. Ciaran should be able to get it started. Sera will refuse to have sex with Steele if the captain is eight months pregnant with her child, citing their condition, but promises to resume fucking them after the baby is born. Sera still needs naked women getting fucked be convinced of this, however. Once Steele has accepted Sera's dominance or has successfully dominated her, Sera will be open to talk about various topics, including trials in tainted space Early Lifeher Recent LifeDemons and Furries. The only thing her parents did that she appreciates is making her take a business course, which is what allowed her to set up her own shop and enjoy success. During most of her sex scenes, she displays a strong sadistic streak and a lack of concern for Steele's comfort that stops just short of complete apathy. Those who have Sera as their mistress and A-cups can proc an event where she fucks them against the wall as revenge against furry trick or treaters… somehow. After completing the event, Sera will allow Steele to keep the costume chosen. During Sera's sex party quest , if Steele chooses to wear the schoolgirl costume , Sera will force some changes to Steele in order to fit the part.

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